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Domowa wiejska wędzona kiełbasa

Polish Croquettes (Krokiety)

Masa kajmakowa do mazurka. Przepis

Tips for making your own sausages at home by butcher Ryan Farr - For sausage making equipment be sure to see http://www.sausagestuffer.info/tjsy

Sausage, Swojska, Polish, kiełbasa Recipe - Rumbings of an Old Curmudgeon

moje pasje: Domowa wiejska wędzona kiełbasa

First chicken sausage, with pics, courtesy of Couger78 (( Smoking meat forums ))

polish traditional lemon cake

Pączki - although they look like berliners, bismarcks, and jelly doughnuts, pączki are made from especially rich dough containing eggs, fats, sugar and sometimes milk. They feature a variety of fruit and creme fillings and can be glazed, or covered with granulated or powdered sugar. Powidła (stewed plum jam) and wild rose hip jam are traditional fillings, but many others are used as well, including strawberry, Bavarian cream, blueberry, custard, raspberry and apple.

Polish food feast. That's how it gets during holidays and parties. Yummyyyyy

Polish stuffed cabbage called Golumpki.

Tort Gianduia Tort orzechowy z mleczną czekoladą

Slow cooker sausages in beer.Bratwurst sausages with beer and garlic cooked in slow cooker

Polish Pierogi * Polnische Piroggen

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Sausages!!!!

Polish Kielbasa Recipes

Classic Cabbage Rolls. These are fantastically delicious! I've made them many times.

Smoked Canada Goose Sausage

Roasted Red Pepper/Basil/Parmesan Chicken Sausage. - Smoking Meat Forums

How to make real, Polish kielbasa at home. The name of this kielbasa is Swojska, which means homemade or self-made. It's one of the best and most flavorful Polish sausages.

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