monkey loves monkey.

Monkey loves puppy

Sloths always look happy. Maybe because they take things so casually.


So cute!!! Pygmy Marmoset by London Media via The smallest of the monkeys measures 5 - 6" and weighs in at 130g, lighter than an apple. Found in rainforests of Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, it is know as mono de bolsillo ("pocket monkey"), leoncito ("little lion"). #Pygmy_Marmoset #London_Media #thesun_co_uk

monkey baby!!! Awww how cute!

Baby Monkey

baby panda says hi

i love monkeys

Spider monkey bathing with his stuffed animal friend

I would name her Bertha.

baby monkey.

the cutest baby monkey pic ever :) | 38 Cute Baby Animals

@Nouran Lotfy gorilla with a tiny flower!

Monkey see, monkey do

M -Monkey

monkey baby


Baby Giraffe No. 5 by Sharon Montrose

baby giraffe!