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Pictures of the day: 15 November 2012

Willow the white whale swims next to a normal coloured whale off the coast of Spitsbergen, Norway.

Snowflake, the Barcelona Zoos albino gorilla is fighting a losing battle with skin cancer(AFP/File/Dominique Faget)

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

Killer Whales (Orcas), Killer Whale Pictures, Killer Whale Facts

killer whale

Kailua Kona, hawaii, USA “I was observing a strange interaction between a pair of bottlenose dolphins and a humpback whale, when it became apparent that the two species were collaborating in some way. The dolphin was lying on a humpback whale’s head while it was slowly swimming along. Looking through my camera lens the stunt appeared to be orchestrated by mutual “agreement.” The whale very slowly—and vertically—lifted the dolphin into the air. I expected the dolphin to wriggle atop the…

-Killer whale forms- UPDATED by on @DeviantArt