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Big Bang Theory

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Kunal Nayyar has the last laugh...! Big Bang!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler

I dont laugh out loud at tv or comedy.... i find very little that isnt real, in front of me and spontaneous funny at all, i detest stand up and russel brand. there are two exceptions to this rule. I laugh at dumb things if I have had a wine or two, or the big bang theory. i love the bbt.... so freaking hilarious.

The Big Bang Theory: This photo shows what happens when geeks grow up.. money, money, money!

"The Big Bang Theory". One of the funniest shows on tv! Bazinga!

Big Bang. Yeah I find Leonard hot and even Sheldon is sexy in his own way. There I said it. Geeks are hot.

Who remembers this?? I remember how crazy people got over this...especially in Japan.

i have a working knowledge of the universe and everything it contains

Carly told me I had to watch. I devoured seasons 1-3 on DVD and managed to catch up on season 4 to the point where I saw the last few episodes on TV. Sheldon is my favorite. "Sing soft kitty to me?" #television

What computer do you have? And please don't say a white one! #BigBangTheory

LOL Sheldon kicks butt