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Looking at your mom…

When I was little I looked at my mom and thought she was perfect. Now I look at her and think "Wow what would we do without her. She holds us together." Love you Mom!

To my dearest family and my closest friends, to my loving flowers, birds, dogs, angels, for my Father above.

No one, no boyfriend, no friend will EVER have your best interest like me, your one and ONLY Momma. Never doubt that no matter how strong the lust or infatuation!

.I wish every mom could treat their children this way. Just can't imagine what life would be like if I had a mom that expected something in return for everything she did for me?

Though some people abandoned me, the true ones stayed. Everything is still the same after almost a year apart <3

5. Detalles inesperados.- Flores, chocolates, notas, que te recojan .. no hablamos de San Valentin, si no de días normales en los que aparecen con detalles o espontaneidades.