Springs Showers

Dance in the rain with me.

PHOTO/Engagement: I want a swing engagement photo like this!!! so cute & fun. :-D Playful & Beach, Bicycles & Swings Engagement Shoot | Bridal Musings

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Dancing in the park.

Dance around in the summer rain together - Top 10 romantic gestures http://www.passionsearch.com/Dating-Friends/2012/08/top-10-romantic-gestures/

I want to kiss you in the pouring rain. But not if there's a tornado around. Because if you're going to be swept off your feet, I'm gonna be the one to do it. Although the tornado could probably do it, too.


Casamentos criativos no Blog da Fruit | by Fruit de la Passion i just think this is such a cute idea for wedding pictures i definitely wanna do this :)

Hey Carter, wanna swing by my place for a while? I have something we need to talk about..

Beautiful pose for engagement photography. Tempo da Delicadeza

engagement shoot ideas

!!!!!! I want this picture for an engagement or something. WOWZA. that is just bursting with love & joy

I want to do an Engagement photo similar to this :)

dying..absolute cutest picture ever

engagement pic