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Camille Gruesbeck
Camille Gruesbeck • 3 years ago

I will probably thank myself for this later (great for that time period of "I absolutely hate this bathroom but I can't afford to remodel for awhile") --- How to paint bathroom tiles

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How to paint over ugly old tile. This is a must-have tutorial to have on hand if we get a fixer-upper =)

I am amazed, I did not know you can DIY in this area! *****A Must-Do for my Bathroom - after I finish my Den Floor Tiling*****

Do you have outdated tiles in your home that you would LOVE to replace but don't have the money to do it? Here's a great DIY - How to paint outdated bathroom tiles!

I actually did this. If you buy a house and can't afford upgrades: Change out your builder grade brass shower trim using Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint ... what would cost you $800 to replace, will only cost you $5 to paint. Holds up well with the water because it is indoor/outdoor paint..... (Pinner says: I also did this with my light fixtures when we moved into our house)

How to paint bathroom tiles - Diy, Lifestyle (because anything the size I want in the price range I'm stuck in is going to need tons of work)

Not certain I'd attempt this, but wow... I'm amazed at what can be done with Rust-oleum paints!!! Painting outdated bathroom faucets and shower frames is certainly possible

What a fabulous, quick, less messy and cheap way of getting rid of the horrid popcorn ceilings.

How to Paint Your Bathroom Tile (1)

Beautiful half-bath makeover on a tiny budget at www.viewalongthew....