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  • Lennie Bieler

    Sherlock Holmes John Watson ~ Sherlock BBC. Sherlock: Are you alright? Watson: Yes, of course Im alright.Sherlock: Well, you have just killed a man.Watson:Yes...thats true, isnt it...but he wasnt a very nice man. Sherlock:No... no, he wasnt really, was he? Watson:No, frankly, a bloody awful cabbie.Sherlock:Thats true, he was a bad cabbie.You shouldve seen the route he took us to get here.Start giggling.Watson:Stop it! We cant giggle at a crime sce

  • Kirsten Queoff

    Sherlock Holms is the best tv show Eva!!!!

  • Impressive Magazine

    BBC's #Sherlock is one of the most famous adaptations of the #Sherlock #Holmes #novels. Discover three impressive quotes from the TV series at:

  • Emily Scherer

    20 life lessons learned from Sherlock | Radio Times #Sherlock #SherlockHolmes #DrJohnWatson #Watson #John #JohnWatson #221B #BakerSt #Sherlocklives #BenedictCumberbatch #MartinFreeman

  • Sabrina Ide

    Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (by Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman) - Sherlock

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I absolutely need this!!..... when I stop being poor..... and actually have an iPhone......hee hee!

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them." OH MY GOD SHERLOCKIANS AND WHOVIANS THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else think this is what lTom Riddle would have looked like if he'd have gotten to keep his nose and eye color? And not turned into a racist douche

Sherlock-Benedict Cumberbatch. Love how he plays this character. Just brilliant

Wavy hair, upturned collar and brilliant mind..Sherlock

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Sherlock, gran serie. La representación más fiel al SH original (salvo por el contexto temporal)

Sherlock, last episode for awhile. Here we go.

SHERLOCK - One of the best shows ever :-) >>> other photos in a separate board :-)

my favorite mythical creature is sherlock season 3 <---- Repinning for this comment!!