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Recipes for Sugar Hand/Foot Scrubs: Peppermint, Brown Sugar & Honey, Sugar Cookie - would make great Christmas Gifts
Gardeners hand scrub  (or I might just rename it just Hand Scrub, as it should get off oily dirt and probably even paint--I will have to try it for that!)
Sugar baby
DIY Sugar Scrub
brown sugar scrub:   1 cup Dark Brown Sugar   1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, can substitute Sweetened Almond Oil or Vegetable Oil   1 teaspoon Vitamin E (cut open Vitamin E liquid gel caps)   1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract , optional (or your favorite citrus essential oil)     1 tablespoon honey, optional for dry skin     http://www.facebook.com/MarisolBling
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Grapefruit and mint sugar scrub