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Abbott and Costello... It is Amazing how smart and creative comedians were back then. Now comedy is just throwing around the F--- word. Re: Cathy Griffith or Griffin. It insults the intelligence of the American people.

No one can make you react to anything like John Candy! Great actor, amazing comic. We miss you John!


Comedian Bernie Mac Dies

Bernie Mac: (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008) He died August 9th from sarcoidosis complicated by pneumonia.

Chris Farley................. Feb 15,1964--Dec 18,1997.......... cause of death : drug overdose & heart attack in his 60th floor apartment at the John Hancock Center in Chicago. Burial : Resurrection Cemetery, Madison,WIS............ Best known for his SNL characters,,,,his Chippendale dancer opposite Patrick Swayze ,his "Chris Farley Show" name a couple. I will always remember him in "Tommy Boy". ..."fat guy in a little coat"....' what a funny guy he was ! RIP Chris.