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Hmmmm... I think its the cheeseburger stabbing another cheeseburger.

Hamburger bed. Stylish? Probably not. Sleeping in between lettuce, cheese, and on top of foam burger and bun? Somehow it fulfills a delicious dream I had one night. Also it looks funny. So heck yes I'd have this in my hypothetical dream office/guest room.

best, airiest tiny house I've ever seen. AND the whole thing runs completely off the grid. EPIC.

Guys. I WANT THIS. Like right now. I don't even NEED one. But I want it, because it looks amazing. And awesome. And would totally block out daylight in the mornings. And would let me officially be a cave person. I would never leave. I would just sit in there and read all day. Oh, god. I need this sooooooo baaaaadddddd.

What is there to say? Vintage quilt, vintage linens, love this photograph and everything in it.

I dream of the Cote D'azure, d'Azure, D'Azure

Ultimate Burns delivered by Christopher Walken

The Ab-hancer! Who needs to diet or do crunches or sit ups?

Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. Add this to our mansion lost!

My laptop snaps a photo of the person that wakes up my computer...

Yes, one day my house will have a giant tube slide, adult sized. And yes, I will be slideing down to breakfast, every morning. Even if I fall asleep on the downstairs couch.