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Cinderella pumpkins are bright orange and somewhat squat. Choose one with a clean, flat base, which will serve as the clock's face. The design is carved with a linoleum cutter, which removes only the outer flesh.

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Pumpkin Owls | Martha Stewart Living - The owls' extra-large eyes are made from halved miniature pumpkins and gourds. Their feet and ears are curved pieces of pumpkin.

Pumpkin Owls

Pumpkin Creatures: Tools and Techniques - LOVE this idea! I'm completely hooked on owls. From Martha Stewart

8 spooky-chic halloween themed interior design inspiration:

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PHOTO: JOHNNY MI L L E R Eerie Candlestick Display Inspired by Dracula's parlor, these eerie dark Gothic candlesticks are made by coating columns used for tiered wedding cakes with matte-gray spray paint. How to Make the Eerie Candlestick Display

Inviting Autumn Table Settings

Inviting Autumn Table Settings