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Work by George Washington from his youth.

Ticket to the 1897 inauguration of President William McKinley. It was the first inaugural ceremony recorded by a motion picture camera. #inaug2013

Obituary of John Adams, July 4, 1826 Jefferson and Adams died on the same day...Independence Day.

18k Gold Ring given to President Kennedy from his wife

President John F. Kennedy wore a Rolex Presidential given to him by Marilyn Monroe. A true classic in luxury timepieces!

Draft of FDR's "Day of Infamy" war speech.

The first-known photo of an inauguration: James Buchanan in 1857, via the Library of Congress

40 years ago... A look back at Watergate ... Nixon's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. Read more here... www.washingtonpos...

A visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier.

eleanor roosevelt's famous letter to the dar, resigning from the organization after their refusal to allow marion anderson to sing at the lincoln memorial

The Bible used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration for his Presidency. (recently used by Pres. Obama at his swearing in).

Ticket to the 1897 inauguration of President William McKinley. It was the first inaugural ceremony recorded by a motion picture camera. #inaug2013

The ball (bullet) that killed President Lincoln and skull fragments recovered during his autopsy. Also shown is the probe used by Dr. Barnes to remove the ball and fragments during the autopsy. (National Museum of Health & Medicine, Washington, D.C.).

Lincoln's response as he writes Grace Bedell about his beard. Grace was an impulsive eleven year old who had written Lincoln in October 1860 and recommended that he grow a beard. While Lincoln did not promise her he would do so, within a month he was letting his beard grow.

In 1903, Roosevelt had a very grand piano commissioned from Steinway & Sons for the East Room. Steinway commissioned noted Aesthetic artist Thomas Dewing to paint the inside of the gilded case in a patriotic theme which he entitled America receiving the 9 muses.

Andrew Jackson's dress uniform and one of Rachel Jackson's finest dresses.

President Theodore Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester Rifle - there's a beaut

Abraham Lincoln's Inkwell

Rosalynn Carter's Inaugural Ball Gown 1977 Presidential Inauguration Rosalynn Carter's 1977 inaugural ball gown and 1971 gubernatorial gown, designed by Mary Matise for Jimmae.

Nancy Reagan's Inaugural Ball Gown 1981 Presidential Inauguration Nancy Reagan's 1981 inaugural ball gown, designed by James Galanos

First Ladies' Inaugural Gowns The White House - PoliticalFest

Lady Bird Johnson Johnson presided over the 1963 event in a canary-yellow bateau-neck gown by John Moore. The down-to-earth First Lady ordered her dress through Neiman Marcus in Texas. "I like clothes—I like them pretty," she told Time, "but I want them to serve me, not for me to serve them.".

Mamie Eisenhower "First Lady pink" became a national sensation following Mrs. Eisenhower's 1953 debut in a peau de soie Nettie Rosenstein design with 2,000 rhinestones. Matching evening gloves and a pearl-encrusted clutch finished the look.

Jacqueline Kennedy For the 1961 celebration, Kennedy collaborated on a design with Bergdorf Goodman's Ethel Frankau. "What you see with the inaugural gown is the triumph of her own personal style," the Fashion Institute of Technology's Valerie Steele has said. "To use fashion as a way of representing her husband's presidency—to look modern, elegant, simple and American." The sheath layered blouson chiffon over a silver-embroidered bodice.

Pat Nixon For the 1969 gala, Nixon selected a mimosa-hued gown designed by Karen Stark for Harvey Berin. "The Nixons are middle-American people who don't want to be flash-in-the-pan," her wardrobe mistress Clara Treyz told Time. "They don't want to be jet-setty or way out. Mrs. Nixon must be ladylike." The First Lady wore the Swarovski crystal-studded satin dress and matching bolero jacket to two more public events.