Mary Ellen Mark

batmans #photography

Elliott Erwitt

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife.

close up

Paris 1959; Photo: Pierre Boulat

Batman in training

Union Station, Chicago -1948, Esther Bubley

Smile by Alex Lukyanyonok. S)

There is no feeling better than acceptance from your loved ones. The obvious generational gap in this picture speaks to the beautiful love between families. Be yourself and the ones who love you will be there for the dance.

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Mary Ellen Mark

Henri Cartier-Bresson #photography #kids

Photomaton, Paris, ca. 1980. Photo by Jean-François Jonvelle. #bw #black #white #photography #lavieennoiretblanc #noir #blanc

Black white photography jump in water - beautiful ;;; So this is how they do that, in the summer olympics, off the various cliffs around the world. What is that called? Ohhh, heck yeah, now I remember; Cliff Jumping, in Morrocco, or something like that. I love Watching them do that on the weekend Radio sports programs. Beatiful drawing, or painting. So hard to tell, you made it so beautiful and llife like. Great job!

Boy a nd dog playing in the rain

Ansel Adams with a Contex Cameta. Photo by Edward Weston.

autore ignoto

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this is pretty much what it looks like when i try a self portrait #self #portrait #selfportrait #selfie #photography

Mary Ellen Mark. R.I.P.