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Three princesses that are feeling SUPER to be protected and escorted by Batman! --- (photo by Mary Ellen Mark)

NYC. Batman and Little Barbies, 2002. Gotham Knight or Baby Sitter? // by Mary Ellen Mark New York - States of Mind

Batman and little Barbies in New York, 2002. Photo by Mary Ellen Mark.

Mary Ellen Mark, Izmir, Turkey, 1965 - there's a story or two here - SB

Mary Ellen Mark (I am closing this board - please see Vintage Creepiness IV)

The cutest Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather ever! D23 Expo 2013.

Mary Ellen Mark Street Photography | Celebrities, by Ellen Mark. La Fábrica Galería. c/ Alameda, 9 ...

Mary Ellen Mark. Paddy Joyce, Travellers’ Encampment, Finglas, Ireland, 1991