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sculpture in Portishead. I think this is so cool because it captures the movement of a natural element within the element itself.

Cui Fei : Manuscript of Nature --- Visual poetry...

Natalie Radcliffe, Woodland Wall Panel, 2012: consider photocopying your found specimens and collaging them to create new and exciting images

ceramist, Pamela Sunday. Her ceramics are inspired by the microscopic shapes found in nature.

Eva Zethraeus är keramiker verksam i Göteborg, utbildad med Master of Fine Arts från Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK), Göteborgs Universitet.

Lesley Risby - Ceramics - "Defenceless" In my work I am examining the essence of fragility and vulnerability. The skeletal nature of the forms represents the susceptibility of living organisms to environmental forces, be they natural or man-made... Porcelain and nichrome wire... The work is mainly raw glazed and fired to cone 7 in an electric kiln. #finecraft

by Martha Brownscombe "Nature Strips" Silk, stainless sticks, New Zealand rocks, driftwood, birch bark, red wire. Doubleweave