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Hannah Streefkerk - Knitted stones in "Kunst i Natur" exhibition in Andalsnes, Norway 2013 (go to her website for more images and to to see more of the installations)

"The Seafarer." from the exhibition "Paper Road" in Wonju, Korea as part of the IAPMA congress. (Adult size) Papers - made with waste linen form the Scaplay Weaving shed. Digital prints of nautical themes. brushed with kakishibu - traditional Japanese method of making paper waterproof, stronger and insect proof as well as giving it the deap brown colour (colour will get darker in the sun over then next few years). Then hand stitched. #finecraft

Exquisite corspe method. An image or words are collectively assembled with each collaborator unaware of what the person before them has done. Jake and Dinos Chapman- Exquisite Corpse (Rotring Club) V, 2000- Etching with Rotring pen overdrawing "dimensions" 46.5 x 38.5 cm

Beautiful Mbuti barkcloth paintings - Ravens Row, Exhibition "The Stuff That Matters." Textiles collected by Seth Siegelaub for the CSROT, Courtesy: the CSROT Historic Textile Collection at the Stichting Egress Foundation, Amsterdam. #textile #pattern