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  • Lara Funke

    Art in nature Hannah Streefkerk

  • Kari Lønning

    Hannah Streefkerk - Knitted stones in "Kunst i Natur" exhibition in Andalsnes, Norway 2013 (go to her website for more images and to to see more of the installations)

  • Becky Brooks

    Hannah Streefkerk knitted "bandages" to encase stones in her 2013 installation "To Take Care Of" in Norway. She says, "We all have skills that can be put to good use with a little imagination, a willingness to think outside the box. How can we take care of our beloved planet? How can we mend its ragged edges and restore it to health?" Read more about her approach to taking traditionally domestic craft into the wild at More photos of this installation here:…/album/to-take-care-of

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Art in nature by Hannah Streefkerk. Hannah Streefkerk’s artworks are nature-oriented, inspired by natural elements such as water and land formations, trees, flowers and rocky landscapes. With a certain sensibility towards rhythms, structures and patterns, she extracts the essences of various forms in nature and translates them into site-specific works of art.

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