Batmanosaurus Rex

Scott Wade imagined the Dark Knight in the Warring States (Sengoku) Period of Japanese history. The Bat-Signal now requires a lot more work from Commissioner Gordon than just flipping a switch. Batman: Gotham Knight was inspired by anime and featured one of the producers from Studio Ghibli, but I'd love to see a complete Batman anime series set in this period.-via Geek Art...

"I'm not saying I'm Batman ... I'm just saying NOBODY has ever seen me and Batman in a room together." FROM:

bat family

You can have a regular car seat, or you can have a Batman car seat. Of course Batman is always better.

Batman Rug

Batman Pool :)

Math & Economics of Being Batman 1939-2013. Think of the cool ideas you could do with the different super heroes


"Where screams come true" funny disney shirts!! ♥

T-Rex. Doing it right.

The cosplay we deserve! Master craftsman, Julian Checkley in his Batman cosplay based on the suit worn in Batman: Arkham Origins. Set during a time when Batman was new to the masked vigilante thing, the costume is a heavier suit with more armor plating for a not-so-sure-of-himself hero.


Batman Starry Night @whiltyjr6 it's our favorites together lol

Batman...on dinosaurs

#batman!!!!!!! I know he want this.

Batman Bedroom Decor

One of my new favorite things ever.

Batman And Robin Annual #3 Cover by Ardian Syaf & Guillermo Ortego

Great Batman Comic, just another reason to like batman, he laid the baby on his cape, not the dirty roof :) <<<<< when did this happen and why?

Holy Table Batman! The kids would love this for their entertainment room!