Old gravestone in Irving TX Sowers Cemetery Broken Tombstone

"I came here without being consulted and I leave without my consent." -- Gravestone in St. Elmo Cemetery.

I would love to have heard the discussion over what she wanted engraved on her head stone!

Albany Rural Cemetery - a good guide to common cemetery symbols

The Meaning of Memorial Headstone Symbols

Old Cemeteries Civil War Veteran Markers

Forgotten cemetery angel in Batesville, Texas. The town was once prosperous and thriving before a drought and the Great Depression took their toll.

At one of the oldest cemeteries in Denver. #cemetery #cemeteries #graveyard #cross #crosses

Thomas saw that everyone who died in the maze was remembered because they each got a gravestone.

12 Hilarious Tombstones - Oddee.com (funny tombstones, sayings on tombstones...)

Buddy Holly's Grave at Lubbock, Texas by seashelleyes7, via Flickr

In October 1867, a man was found wandering in the Donaldson's yard. He was incoherent and very sick. He never was able to tell them who he was. He died October 4, 1867 and was buried in the Donaldson's plot in The Ladonia Cemetery."

Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris is possibly the most visited graveyard in the world, and its known as much for the beauty of its monuments as for the celebrity of its occupants. However, arguably the most dramatic tomb belongs to an author most people have never heard of.

Really? THIS is the photo they used on their tombstone?


Andrew Atroshenko


Cool tombstone near Grandview, Texas cemetery found while geocaching.

Cemetery of Staglieno - Genoa, Italy