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Himalayan white pine (Pinus wallichiana)

'Silver Ghost' lacebark pine (Pinus bungeana 'Silver Ghost') by godpasta, via Flickr

white petals

$1.79 California Poppy White Linen. Strikingly beautiful petals as fresh as clean, white linen! HEIRLOOM.

Signs of Spring by José Gieskes #Photography #Spring #Snow_Drops

. cacti

Sciadopitys verticillata: Japanese Umbrella Pine Pic


Flowering cactus

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by Beata Wilczek

Dame's Rocket A beautiful, old-fashioned annual, dame's rocket produces phlox-like clusters of lavender or white flowers in late spring. The flowers are delightfully fragrant. Name: Hesperis matronalis Growing conditions: Full sun or part shade and well-drained soil Height: To 4 feet tall

Lamb's Ears

Dwarf conifers and a Japanese umbrella pine, at the New York Botanical Garden

Shade Plant Rogersia - must investigate if this will grow here.

A bed of Queen Anne's lace

Cotton thistle (Onopordum acanthium)

Eriophorum russeolum, Carl E Lewis via Flickr.

Hawthorn - Hawthorn announces early summer with its sprays of white flowers. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies love the blooms. Then in late summer and fall, it attracts birds with its small red fruits. The orange-red autumn color adds another layer of appeal.

Summer Snowflake or Loddon Lily (Leucojum aestivum)