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Himalayan white pine (Pinus wallichiana)

'Silver Ghost' lacebark pine (Pinus bungeana 'Silver Ghost') by godpasta, via Flickr

white petals

$1.79 California Poppy White Linen. Strikingly beautiful petals as fresh as clean, white linen! HEIRLOOM.

Signs of Spring by José Gieskes #Photography #Spring #Snow_Drops

. cacti

Guest Artist for Consideration on GC|artist.   Title: “Plant life” by Marcos Rivas * We do NOT claim ownership of this image and is NOT available for FREE download… If you’d like to be a Guest Artist at GC|a, send us your submission for our Call For Submissions Art, with all relevant information (such as Name, website, materials used, title, year completed, etc.)

Sciadopitys verticillata: Japanese Umbrella Pine Pic


Flowering cactus

by Beata Wilczek

Dame's Rocket A beautiful, old-fashioned annual, dame's rocket produces phlox-like clusters of lavender or white flowers in late spring. The flowers are delightfully fragrant. Name: Hesperis matronalis Growing conditions: Full sun or part shade and well-drained soil Height: To 4 feet tall


Tanyosho or Umbrella Pine really tanyosho

Lamb's Ears

Dwarf conifers and a Japanese umbrella pine, at the New York Botanical Garden

horticultural art

Shade Plant Rogersia - must investigate if this will grow here.

Cardon (Pachycereus pringlei).