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    Family Mustelidae (Weasels and relatives)

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    Ferrets related to otters--not considered rodents like rats or hamsters...


    weasel with lunch

    types of squirrels | Eastern & Tropical Tree Squirrels My squirrels have been veeeerry busy this fall. What will winter be like?

    Rabbit Breeds


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    awesome funny ferret smile cute

    Reminds me of BamBam meeting Gizmo haha

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    Reindeer, or caribou, can outperform all other land animals in their energy efficiency - so are a fitting choice as the legendary Christmas sleigh-pullers! They're more usually seen on their mammoth annual migration to the Arctic during which the North American herds might travel for more than 5,000km - an extraordinary feat that takes them further than any other land mammal.

    Darren Haley -Jungle Jim River Otter, Haley was born 1960 in Calgary

    Deer Hunting Tips: Strategies for Big, Late-Season Bucks

    Pangolins are found naturally in tropical regions throughout Africa and Asia. The name, pangolin, comes from the Malay word, pengguling, meaning "something that rolls up". uncredited photo

    Very endangered marbled polecat

    this could be the cutest thing ever: Rabbit, Animals, Friends, Sweet, Bunny, Odd Couple, Foxes, Bunnies

    Ferret pup... Visit us for more www.yourpetclip.c...

    Snow weasel

    Small-Spotted Genet