Stunning depictions of Staircases - Part 6 - The deepest stair well in the world. Rajasthan, India.

Heaven’s stairs - Tian Men Shan, China

Well of Chand Baori, India. Thirty metres deep, thirteen floors, 3500 steps.

Rock of Guatape, Colombia. Peñónde Guatapé was formed 70 million years ago. Two-thirds of it is below ground. The exposed vertical face is over 200 meters high. Visitors can scale the rock via a staircase built into the side, a climb that includes 649 steps. On the flat top there are food vendors and two gift shops.

Stairway to heaven: 300ft spiral staircase to give tourists a taste of the high life • "The 300ft spiral staircase has been installed on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, [Henan, China]

Amber Palace in Rajasthan, India

Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum - Silvio Zangarini, Spirale, 2010

The Initiation Well, in Sintra, Portugal

La Muralla Roja - Calpe, Alicante, Spain

Beauty of India door

The Ajanta Caves Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are 29 rock-cut cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BC. The caves include paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art (which depict the Jataka tales)as well as frescos which are reminiscent of the Sigiriya paintings in Sri Lanka.

Staircase at Pailón del Diablo waterfall in Ecuador. Watch your step!

Stairs above the Sea, Aketx, Basque County, Spain

Chand Baori is maybe one of the most famous and most spectacular step-wells situated in the village of Abhaneri, Rajasthan, India.

Honshu, Japan. This is absolutely amazing and breath-taking.

Chand Baori is a famous stepwell situated in the village Abhaneri near Jaipur in Indian state of Rajasthan. This step well is located opposite Harshat Mata Temple and is one of the deepest and largest step wells in India. It was built in 9th century and has 3500 narrow steps and 13 stories and is 100 feet deep. It is a fine example of the architectural excellence prevalent in the past. (via 500px / Photo “Step Well in India” by Joe Routon) #india

Vijay Stambha, India

Ranakpur Temples