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Untitled by Mick Coughlan | micksworld , taken at the 2008 Beltane Bash, Russell Square, London - Costumed reveller (Green Man?) [Please keep photo credit and original link if reusing or re-pinning. Thanks!]

Progression bronze sculpture edition 50 by johnstonsculpture. These are done by my incredibly talented friend Jason. Check out his work, especially if you like cast bronze.

EMU MAN PERFORMS THE TOTEM MAGIC FOR EDIBLE BULBS With a head-dress representing the sacred totem of his group, this man is working magic that is to make emus abundant for the hunters of his tribe. From the Secret Museum of Man?

The illustration from a late 17th-century document based on the work of Majima Seigan, a 14th-century monk-turned-doctor, Japan

Africa | A Temne man wears the costume of the sorcerer bird in Sierra Leone | Image and caption © Charles Josette Lenars

azuma-makoto: LEAF MAN 2008Art works: Azuma MakotoPhotography: Shiinoki Shunsuke

Etsyfrom Etsy

Squish Face Cat in a Cape

Squish Face Cat in a Cape by catrabbitplush