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Polixeni Papapetrou // Works // The Ghillies 2013

Polixeni Papapetrou // Works // The Ghillies 2013

The Australian artist Charles Blackman was raised in a home without books. As a child, he wasnt read to. He first heard Alice in Wonderland read on a talking book when he was an adult. His wife, Barbara, was going blind and she listened to Alice in Wonderland so he listened too. His audio experience of Lewis Carrolls story led to his Alice series.

im going to have a party one day with animal heads maybe

Bambara dancers with Chiwara headdress representing antelope to promote fertile and abundant crops, Mali

Selk’nam, also known as the Onawo or Ona people are an indigenous people in the Patagonian region of southern Chile andArgentina, including the Tierra del Fuego islands.

ぬりかべ (Nurikabe) Nurikabe is a yokai that manifests as a wall that impedes or misdirects walking travelers at night. Trying to go around is futile as it extends itself forever. Knocking on the lower part of the wall makes it disappear. It has been suggested that the legend was created to explain travelers losing their bearings on long journeys. Source: pamandjapan

Selk'nam bodypainting - Ulen wind spirit). The Selk'nam or Ona people, and related tribes, were indigenous to inland Tierra del Fuego and southern mainland Patagonia. They were wiped out soon after the arrival of white missionaries & ranchers, mainly through disease but many were also hunted/murdered by ranchers whose sheep they stole.

Child from Omo tribe with flowers, in Omo, Korcho, Ethiopia, by Eric Lafforgue