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Dick Proenneke moved to Alaska to live his dream. With hand tools and common sense he built the life that he always knew he wanted. The documentary "Alone in the Wilderness" tells his story through his own journal writings and self-made films.

After 30 years of living “Alaska Wild” in his hand-built cabin, his legend to thrive off the land lives on forever!

Of all the many cabins and stories we’re lucky enough to receive, Richard Proenneke’s is easily submitted the most. In 1968, at the age of 51, Dick left a life of ranching, carpentry and heavy machine repair to retire to Twin Lakes, Alaska in what is now Lake Clark National Park. Deposited by float plane, and carrying only the simplest of tools, he set out to build a homestead and survive the winter, alone in the wilderness.

Dick Proenneke Cabin Videos of Dick Proenneke Alone In The Wilderness Daily Prep Episode 327

The amazing Dick Proenneke trimming the cabin wall logs. _Alone in the Wilderness_ is one of our all-time favorite documentaries.

Dick Proenneke standing in the doorway of the cabin he built and lived in for 30 years from the age of 51 to 81 in the wilds of Alaska.

Alone in the Wilderness is the story of Dick Proenneke, one man who lived his dream in the Alaska Wilderness.

Dick Proenneke's cabin in Twin Lakes, Alaska. He lived alone in the Alaskan wilderness for 30 years, and moved back to civilization at age 82.

Alone in the Wildnerness - a super8mm movie shot by Dick Proenneke as he began building his off-grid house in Twin Lakes Alaska - I remember watching this on PBS years ago and being fascinated with the work he did.

For decades, Proenneke lived in a handmade cabin at Alaska’s Twin Lakes; his writings and films have left a legacy. Description from I searched for this on

Dick Proenneke notching logs for the cabin walls. ~ "Alone in the Wilderness" documentary of one man who lived his dream in the Alaska wilderness.

Dick Proenneke - lived alone for thirty years in the Alaskan wilderness - His documentary, "Alone in the Wilderness," is one of my favorites.

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