After 30 years of living “Alaska Wild” in his hand-built cabin, his legend to thrive off the land lives on forever!

Dick Proenneke's cabin - stove and window

building a log cabin

part 1 of building a woodsman hut in the russian wilderness, the translation can be a little rough, but the pictures speak for themselves, if it's in russian, paste it in google translate

Dick Proenneke’s cabin building tools.

Dick Proenneke Cabin Videos of Dick Proenneke Alone In The Wilderness Daily Prep Episode 327

Forest Cabin, Girdwood, Alaska. The North is filled with abandoned cabins: miner's cabins, trapper's cabins, indigenous people's cabins, on and on. The cold and dry weather can keep them preserved for years and years.

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Dick Proenneke in the log cabin that he built by hand..... by himself.

“There are two types of people in the world: perchers and nesters,” says lookout tower owner Bick Smith. The tower is perched on a 1,400-foot mountain ridge and rises three stories above the ground.

DIY 2x4 End Table....I need a couple of these!

For more than 30 years a man by the name of Dick Proenneke lived alone in the Alaskan Bush. His only neighbors were the wolves and grizzly bears and his only transportation was his canoe and a good set of legs. Through the years, Dick kept written journals of daily life at Twin Lakes but would also document much of his adventure on film with his 16 mms Bolex camera. The Frozen North is Dick's own filmed account of his life alone in this "One Man's Wilderness."

I need this. Don't know what it will pour, but I need it.

Dick Proenneke trimming the cabin wall logs.

A thick walnut slab, complete with live edges, flows down the center.

A Room of One's Own: Microcabins by Charles Finn. (Someday I'd like to live simply in a cabin in the woods)

Little bit of peace & quiet

Rustic Log Cabin Living