Maybe don't put four giant birds on your kid though

Not sure if this should be terrifying or hilarious. | 21 Kids Who Shut Down Picture Day

bawk bawk

vintage card

♥ Unknown Artist (but certainly a genius)

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Prois question of the day! Everyone is afraid of something. This poor little girl seems to be terrified of squirrels, or cigarettes, or squirrels smoking cigarettes, or perhaps second hand smoke. What are you afraid of? Give us a number between 1-100...number closest to ours wins a life changing Prois Koozie!

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Puppet on the telephone. #inspiration #muse

no caption.

I'm Hungry #weird #odd #strange #photography

All this bunny business in the 1950s was really just thinly disguised child abuse.

The pigeon problem

WHY | 23 Creepy Pictures That Will Make You Scream Every Time