50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos aka sometimes you just need a pic of a kid smoking with his pet chicken ~ funny stuff!

This makes me so happy

Run kid run!

This just cracked me up...and may explain why some of my friends smoke!

Dilemma of the day No. 26: Trying to get a swan in a taxicab!

Strange black & white photos...blackandwtf.tumbler.com

go girl.

Is this why it's called cup size? (failed trends) Woman with Cups and Saucers - Coffee, tea and her. ;) ...My tea cups bring all the boys to the yard

Keepsake Calico Fabric Paisley Black White Red, , hi-res

"The facts: | 19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now" / I'm pretty sure my mom wrote this one.

child with rooster

Funny Pictures – 32 Pics

This dog that doesn't look like a dog. | 50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

Laughed so hard.

Why Old People Rock!

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY IN BW http://www.pinterest.com/pascalriben/street-photography-in-bw/

Omg lol

Buying cigarettes at the bedside 1950's

For crafty persons.......