50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

A collection of the most confusing/unexplainable photos from my Tumblr blog, Black & WTF.
  • Courtney Merchant

    I would love for a bunch of penguins to follow me around, as long as I could take them back to the zoo!

  • Melanie Keyzor

    50 Unexplainable Black and White Photos. So many to choose from, this particular one is my favourite. Why are there penguins in the street and why are they chasing that girl? We'll never know.

  • Amber Anderson

    if penguins followed me, THis would be My Dream come true!!!

  • Lynn Chateau

    Little Girl: "WHY are all these Penguins following me?!"

  • Ei Fun

    50 Unexplainable Black White Photos. attack of the penguins!

  • Mishka F

    You never get to live in constant fear of being chased by a roving mob of penguins anymore. | Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed #old #photography #vintage #photo

  • Kathie Rupert

    Weird Old Photographs ^ (but also very cute)- i would not mind having a group of penguins following me :)

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Mons Klint, Zealand, Denmark

.Is it just me, or do these look like penguins who put on a fur coat?

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Helping out a hungry polar bear family; love how the baby is giving him a hug

Oregon’s Icy Spectacle, Outside Magazine. Photo: Joshua Meador.

Pro Skier Sierra Quitiquit's Patagonia Hideaway, Outside Magazine. Photo: Forest Woodward.


Detail of an once-in-a-lifetime image of a Man Feeding Swans in the Snow in Krakow, Poland by Marcin Ryczek. Now this is fine art photography.

Walrus by ~LutherBash on deviantART

Lion on tree in snow — Animal Talk its not a lion but some sort of big cat

arctic wolf (in national geographic, 1983)

{mountain moose}

Winter Time, Finland | image by Olli Kekäläinen

The edge of the wood