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  • Lynn Chateau

    Little Girl: "WHY are all these Penguins following me?!"

  • mia

    Just follow me guys!! Me coaxing animals home!

  • Michael Bennett

    strange vintage photos - Google Search

  • masami k-m

    i want to be that girl!

  • Melina Fabian

    if penguins followed me, THis would be My Dream come true!!!

  • Kathie Rupert

    Weird Old Photographs ^ (but also very cute)- i would not mind having a group of penguins following me :)

  • pammy g

    VINTAGE Little Girl MAKEUP BLACK WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY | Sunday, June 20, 2010

  • Courtney Merchant

    I would love for a bunch of penguins to follow me around, as long as I could take them back to the zoo!

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