• Andrew K. Pepper

    A grainy scene from one of the old films shown at a previous UCF Home Movie Day: Univeristy of Central Florida

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Photo: Missouri Division of Tourism

The Art of the Bird Guide Kaufmann Mercantile

Island Fox, Channel Islands. Source: U.S.National Park Service

The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds

Jammu, India: Parrots take off in the courtyard of a house after eating grain. Photo: Jaipal Singh/EPA

Banded Linsang (Prionodon linsang)

Heads of various Asian palm civet subspecies. Source: The Fauna of British India, vol. 1, Reginald Pocock.

Asian Palm Civet. Photo: Wikemedia user Praveenp

It might be hot outside but for these guys it's time for the fur coats! amandastadther.com kiwionline.com

White Fox Squirrel (Tallahassee, Florida). Photo: Leighton Photography and Imaging

Douglas' Squirrel (Tiger Mountain State Forest, Washington). Photo: Leighton Photography and Imaging

White Fox Squirrel (Tallahassee, Florida). Photo: Leighton Photography and Imaging

California Ground Squirrel (Columbia River Gorge, Washington). Photo: Leighton Photography and Imaging

Pallas's squirrel (C. erythraeus). Photo: J. Patrick Fischer

Callosciurus finlaysonii, known as Finlayson's squirrel or variable squirrel. Bangkok - Thailand. Photo by Thai National Parks.

variable squirrel (callosciurus finlaysonii) | Flickr user punkbirdr

Prevost's squirrel (Callosciurus prevostii). Photo: John White

Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger niger) - Flickr user Betsy2009

Abert’s Squirrel (Sciurus aberti)

Urocyon cinereoargenteus (gray fox) at 7000ft in Eastern Sierras, in front of rabbitbrush. Photo: Wikimedia user Dcrjsr

The yellow-throated marten (Martes flavigula) is a relatively widely distributed species of marten. Martens are omnivorous animals related to wolverines, mink, badgers, & ferrets.

Fishing with octopus by Pawel Piekarski | 2D | CGSociety

Vanuatu flying fox (Pteropus anetianus)