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Africa | A Temne man wears the costume of the sorcerer bird in Sierra Leone | Image and caption © Charles Josette Lenars


Magazine - Masquerade Photographs by Phyllis Galembo

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“Empailles” (Straw man) wearing a costume made of a jute bag stuffed with straw and scary mask walk through the streets of Evolene during a traditional carnival procession March 6, 2011. “Empailles” along with “Peluche” who wear costumes made of animal skins and masks invade the streets of the village and scare residents with their broomsticks or their bells during carnival.

Africa | A witch doctor, or bwanavide, dressed for a healing ceremony in the village of Kikondja in eastern Congo | © Robert Caputo.

EGUNGUN ENSEMBLE. Référence proposée par Barbara Verhaeghe. Thérapeute spécialisée dans l'accompagnement des personnes souffrant de T.C.A. Site internet :

Africa | Masked dancers. Mali | Image included in the publication "Parures Africaines" by Denise Paulme and Jacques Brosse