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Carl confronts Negan in The Walking Dead Sing Me a Song (review and recap) Image via AMC Carl has always been getting a lot of hate throughout the series. With tons of memes regarding how hes never in the house or the pronunciation of his name by a devastated Rick Carl cant catch a break. Hes always seen as the young kid who is either in the way or not strong enough even though hes been through a lot of difficult situations. The latest episode ofThe Walking Dead Sing Me a Song Carl is…

MY mistake, mistake that I, too, bought into anything you blamed me for. Lucky me, it's all behind me after my visit to CA July 2016. Free ~ (and hate is too strong a word but the sentiment is pretty cool 1 Aug.)

I know that hate is a strong word. I don't hate myself but I dislike a lot of things. I know that I have family that love me, but what about my friends? I'm really short I know that, but clothes that don't fit right make me feel fat. With our society all messed up how am I supposed to love myself and be confident?

Hate is self-inflicted torture. It hungers for revenge, damage, division, and violence, but is never satiated. Hate is a psychological hell to which we condemn ourselves and endeavor to burn others. - Steve Maraboli

Ha! Good luck with that! I don't give too much power to anything that's going to put me in the negz. If it bothers me to much and it demands power, I give it enough power to have it go over a cliff. Wipe my hands and sayonara Baka negz.