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Foods that helps restore kidney/liver function

Thyroid foods - What to eat/avoid with hypothyroidism


Green Tea & Thyroid Medicine

Hypothyroidism and Green Tea

Foods to Avoid with Hypothyroidism (Goitrogens) & Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism


Excessive Caffeine & Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism & Caffeine


Can Natural Food Cure Kidney Disease?

protein rich foods and whole grains are foods that help with proper kidney function

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How Can You Get a Black Tartarian Cherry Tree Pollinated to Produce Fruit?

Black Tartarian is an early-blooming cherry, so choose another early-blooming cherry, like Somerset, Lapins or Skeena. Plant the pollinator within 100 feet of the Black Tartarian tree.

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Food Babe Investigates: What to Watch out for at Whole Foods

The dirty dozen list – a list of fruits and vegetables that are recommended to purchased only organic because of the high level of pesticide residue found in them.

Black Ice Plum - A large-fruited dessert plum with superior winter hardiness. The large, round plums are blue-black with very sweet, juicy, yellow flesh. Fruit ripens in early August, about 2 to 4 weeks earlier than other plums grown in the Midwest. Naturally dwarf trees require a pollinator - We recomend Toka.