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calcite formations in the 'Where the sun don't shine' area of Daren Cilau, South Wales, UK (by Tom Hughes)

The walls of Daren Cilau by Muddy Funkster (Matt) An array of wall surfaces, crystal covered rocks and amazingly delicate calcite formations all packed into a small side passage in Daren Cilau. One hell of an interesting cave and a great sporting trip too.

Z for zoom stal Taken on a recent caving expidition to Mt Arthur New Zealand by Paco_Caver

The Caves of the Amalfi Coast Giant caves were carved into the sea-wall. You can see how huge they are by that tiny-sized Italian man in his Euro-suit. (by: Trey Ratcliff)

Uplifted Caves The slanted sandstone from geological uplift makes for some cool slanted sea caves near Arroyo Hondo Creek.

Starlight pool by Paco_Caver waterfall and pool halfway through starlight cave, Taken on a recent caving expidition to Mt Arthur New Zealand.

Slovakia, Slovenský kras Karst Domica Cave on the south-western edge of the Silická Plateau in the Slovak Karst National Park, close to the state border with Hungary. Cave entrance is on the southern foothill of Domica Hill at elevation of 339 m.