Home is when you come home to your favorite rap lyrics http://media-cache3.pinterest.com/upload/33073378483634474_CWDhIhdB_f.jpg colleenk88 crafts

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Bear Hug.

Embroidering Leaves


apology cakes......haha my boyfriend would be fat if I made these every time I was a grumpy bitch. It's a good idea though

Must try with other lyrics.

one of my favorite quotes (Steel Magnolias) - love it!

Favorite dog shame ever

Disney in real life.

Needlepoint gangster. I know I don't swear (out loud) but this was hilarious.


Barbie and Ken Wedding Album - THIS IS HILARIOUSLY AMAZING!

oh. my. gosh. literally what i do in the car.

Oh, you're fasting for lent? Yeah. That totally shows you're sorry for the way you live your life. Excuse me while I laugh.

Awkward Silence Saver iphone App #funny #dating #relationships

Haha. That's awesome.

and they're like...

Guilty. :)