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"Then she says oh boy, oh boy, count your lucky stars. Count what you've been wishing for. Oh boy, oh boy, count the life you lead. Count how you are now adored" ~ 'Adored' (Collective Soul)

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I told u babe u dont ever have to be scared of losing me thats never gonna happen I mean it when I say forever an eternity babe I love u an stop apologizin u didn do anything

jonathancarrollstories: Los números de Kim Addonizio ¿Cuántas noches he permanecido aquí de esta manera, febril con planes, con temores, con la última frase que alguien hablaba, todavía tratando de terminar una conversación ya ha terminado? ¿Cuántas noches se desperdicia en no dormir, ¿cuántos en el sueño-No sé cómo tiene hambre hay, cuánto brillo o la sal, ¿cuántas veces el mundo se rompe, se desintegra en la nada y empieza de nuevo en el curso de una hora ordinaria. No sé cómo Dios puede sop

just talk......that's all you have to to me for hours, or minutes, but just talk...and sooner or later I will know whether you have been to the places I have and whether you know the same world I small caveat, the talking has to occur in the woods...and the trees have to be a part of the conversation...

I would purchase a Vespa to get around town and pick up supplies. Need a basket or something for groceries. But heck l could go to the general store every day.

What it feels like to be loved by you, baby.