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...and hedgehogs! | The Fantastic Adventures Of Biddy The Hedgehog

porcupine... someone posted this... It is NOT porcupine.. Definitely an Hedgehog!

A hedgehog will always greet you with a smile. | 16 Ways Hedgehogs Put Cats To Shame

Hedgehogs also appreciate being dressed up for their birthdays. | How To Dress A Hedgehog For Halloween

How To Dress A Hedgehog...some cute pictures in this article. :)

Just a hedgehog with a raspberry. Just what I always wanted.

The fantastic advantures of Biddy the hedgehog ♥ - im obsessed with the cuteness of hedgehogs now.

This cat adopted some baby hedgehogs, if you're having a bad day, these pictures will definitely help make it better!

You know... Just a hedgehog w/ a strawberry hat.

how is sonic a hedge hog? He makes them seem so hard core... they are precious little lazy pups! ♥

Hedgehoggiesaurus << I'll leave you to your deductions... *dies laughing*