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Shit Southern Women Say :) seriously, I DIED

Ways to identify a southern woman

▶ Sh%t Southern Women Say, Episode 4

She Has Perfected The Art Of Sass. | Community Post: 17 Reasons Lily Tucker-Pritchett From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To Women Of All Ages

British people. In Walmart. This is hilarious

Ghetto version of mean girls"Mean Gurlz". I am dying this is hilarious. WATCH THE WHOLE THING!!!!

so true about southerners

And then i died laughing...God bless this mother for having both her kids out with wisdom teeth- HAHAHAHA OMG LITERALLY DYING I LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME


Hysterical video of people falling off treadmills!! O.M.G. I'm crying this is so funny. I'm tucking this away for a bad day

Am I too old to be a lesbian... Hilarious!

i just died a little. SO funny

I seriously can't stop laughing. This is AWESOME.

The longer you look, the funnier it gets. @Hope Marlow

This is true.

China invented "hairy stockings" for women to prevent unwanted male attention. Shut up that's hilarious

My southern...haha

literally DYING. hahahaha