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    Southern Women

    Shit Southern Women Say :) seriously, I DIED

    3y Saved to funny


    • Kelly Briscoe

      Things Southern Women Say. SO funny! (and also true) Honestly, I didn't know some of them were just a Southern thing :)

    • Deanna McCraw

      Stuff Southern Women Say! SOOOOO Funny!!!! I never realized how many sayings there were until I moved away

    • Shelby Seeley

      Shit Southern Women Say...I'm from NY and I say this stuff too, should I have been a southern bell?

    • Amanda Peck

      Stuff Southern Women Say! SOOOOO Funny! And true!!!! I've said almost all of these!!!

    • Katie Williams

      Omg I am soooo gulity for some of these!! Shit Southern Women Say! SOOOOO Funny!

    • Brittany Maupin

      Stuff Southern Women Say! SOOOOO Funny! And true!!!! Yup, sounds familiar.

    • Dana Romine

      SHIT SOUTHERN WOMEN SAY. so great and so true..yes I'm a southern girl!!!!

    • Abby Lindquist

      Shit Southern Women Say! SOOOOO Funny!

    • Mai Kulkarni

      Funny stuff southern women say.

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