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U WILL REALIZE IF U HAVENT ALREADY, I set the bar high. I showed you by fighting for my 2 boys and winning, I had your back even if u were wrong, I worked 2 jobs so I could get the things u wanted, you went to college 4 years and got your degree in teaching, but NEVER once took a job to help me out. Just remember all I did, I hope u find happiness. Because I will not be alone forever.

Drake Quotes | Life Quotes. Just so you know, I also think this cuts both ways. If a woman treats you badly, she also loses the higher ground and ceases to be able to call herself a lady. Just because she is female doesnt give her the right to treat you like cr*p. Real women dont do that guys, so dont settle for it.

So true! Find someone that's exactly like you and don't settle. Be with your best friend and soul mate.

People change. You just have to move on. #change #future #past #moving on #life #memories #quotes #truth #love #relationships #friendship #advice

20 Ways To Clear The Road For More Love In Your Life (especially after a break-up, or if you are still stuck to the past!)