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swan mom, #cute, #animal - swim Mom...we want to see the other side of the lake.... Aren't they just adorable.

(KO) Goslings (baby geese). A group of geese is a gaggle. Geese can be evil suckers. They chase a victim and bite so hard with their beaks that it leaves a bruise. Children are favorite victims because they are small and non threatening. Some geese are friendly and sweet natured, but the mean ones are awful. Grab a big stick, stand your ground,

how can some humans look at animals all the time and never really see that they are more than just animals. Look at that love!

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem," Isaiah 66:13.

Swan family...

this is in the cute list but it makes me sad to see this little skinny puppy...

Look at me, mulit-tasking. I'm looking at you like I wanna eat you and grooming the hell out of my baby at the same time.

Great picture - I don't know if it actually was in Wyoming...but it could have been!

Wait for me !!!