The Vegan Stoner's Tofu Grain Salad

The Vegan Stoner's Spinach Potato Salad

A tostada bowl filled with refried beans, salsa-seared tempeh, vegan sour cream, and avocado? Yes please.

Cashew Ambrosia Salad - The Vegan Stoner

The Vegan Stoner

so easy vegan sloppy joes

The Vegan Stoner's Chocolate Mousse

Veggie Ramen

BIG VEGAN cookbook-Vegan lifestyle

The Vegan Stoner

The Vegan Stoner's Bell Pepper Gnocchi

yum! can't wait to make this

The Vegan Stoner's Hobo Stew

Peanut Noodles - The Vegan Stoner

Vegan Strawberry Oat Bars. This is my kind of breakfast! Click here for the recipe:

Salad Making Guide (To prevent salad boredom!)

Arugala and apple salad. I plan to make this and add shaved parmesan.

Building a BLT in a bowl might just convince you that the bread is the least interesting part of the proposition.

Simple Avocado Mozzarela Salad | Fast Salad Recipes