15 hairstyles for busy toddlers...or maybe girls w/ short, fine hair! hallelujah!

30 Toddler Hairstyles. Want to try some of these!

30 hairstyles for toddler girls

Toddler Hair Bows by Simply Sadie Jane - do you think my kid would sit long enough to let me do this? Nah, me either.

Trace hand at every birthday and see it grows.

{simply sadie jane}: 22 MORE fun and creative TODDLER HAIRSTYLES!!

15 toddler hairstyles. I need to mix up my game with Cosette's hair.

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Literally 100s of hair tutorials... pin now look later.

Fine motor activities

25 quick and easy little girl hairstyles! Yay!

Tips for Toddler Discipline that build trust and respect and do not cause fear or shame. (good article!) the best I've ever read!

DIY Baby Book

A blog full of neat hairstyles for little girls!

We Love Being Moms!: Toddler Hairstyles

Kam would rock this haircut!

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls - BuzzFeed Mobile

cute website for little girl hairstyles

Gymnastics hairstyles

15 baby signs to teach babies.

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