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Originally from Seaside, Oregon, Thea and has lived here in Arizona for fourteen years. “I really like Lomi Lomi massage and the La Stone techniques. Now two years after graduation, Thea is loving the world of massage, and we’re thrilled to have her on our staff.

Meet Scottsdale massage therapist, Gaia Rynd Gaia is originally from Illinois, but has lived here for forty years. She’s been doing massage for fourteen years and has most recently attended the Arizona School of Integrative Studies.

A native of Arizona, Tom is a graduate of Phoenix Therapeutic Massage School. In addition to his sixteen year career as a Licensed Massage Therapists, Tom also drives the Zamboni for the Coyotes Ice Den! Tom has spent most of his massage career keeping the jockeys at Turf Paradise in shape for race day with much needed athletic massage. When I asked Tom if he also massaged the horses, he laughed and said no, but it's not the first time he's been asked.

Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine Headaches — American Massage Therapy Association

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa is looking for Massage Therapists to join our Scottsdale team of industry professionals. We offer an excellent, merit-based compensation package to qualified candidates with the desire to work in a resort-quality spa environment. A nationally recognized brand, we provide our therapists with local marketing in the form of targeted mailing, radio, print, email, Internet and social media marketing, while our receptionists handles all your client…

Jennifer is a graduate of the Arizona College of Allied Health and specializes in prenatal massage. Studies have shown that prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, joint pain and swelling caused by poor circulation, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Book:

If you’ve never had a massage you probably have some questions: Should I eat, drink, or stretch before the massage? What about after the massage? What should I wear? Can I leave any clothes on? The graphic below should put your mind at ease if you’re a little anxious – it illustrates what to expect during your massage therapy session and explains how to prepare for your massage.......kur spa

Benefits and Statistics of Massage Therapy and Chiropractors. People were interviewed and they maintain that massage reduces pain. People use massage

Did you know that massage can increase the feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain known as dopamine and serotonin? Discover other health benefits of getting regular massages by clicking over to this NYC massage therapy infographic.

Meet Scottsdale massage therapist, Francine Sandman. “I originally wanted to do sports physical therapy and was thrilled when a friend explained to me that I could become a massage therapist and still be involved with athletes doing sport massages. I do a lot of injury prevention work, and my specialties are deep tissue, deep specific work, and structural work.”

Sarah is a graduate of the Apollo College for massage therapy. She chose the massage therapy profession because she enjoys being able to help people to feel better and relax. She began her career first working in a chiropractor's office and came to Hand and Stone when we opened our first location in Scottsdale four years ago. Book:

Eriko is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. “While doing Yoga I developed a problem with my rotator cup and massage was part of my healing therapy”, she explains. “I didn't think the massage therapist was doing a very good job and I thought maybe I could do this better. I love being a massage therapist and the ways I can help other people feel better. For me it's kind of like a meditation in action.” Book:

Meet Scottsdale massage therapist, Ryanna Sharp. "I think I decided when I was younger that this was what I would do. I would always massage my grandma’s neck and shoulders and she told me I was really good at it,” explains Ryanna. “When in massage school, I was always drawn to helping people, and it seems I was always giving someone a massage during breaks and dinner. Everyone loved it!”

Meet Scottsdale Massage Therapist, Amber McPherson Born and raised in Phoenix, Amber has spent time living in Washington State, California, and Minnesota. “I came back to the area just because it’s home to me.”