Wolves are beautiful creatures, but they should not have to give up their beauty for you. Yes, fur coats are warm, but they can be replaced with faux fur instead. Wolves and other animals shouldn't have to have their fur taken away for you.

Wolves: #Wolf.


My favorite animal I feel they have a bad rap but there really strong and family oriented and I love that about them.




I saw a wolf sleeping in the back of a truck in Alaska. Such a beautiful animal.


Caught in the pool of sunlight, that wolf looks even more majestic and powerful than it would without.


black wolf, King of the North American Forests. Such a beautiful creature, and a beautiful photograph.

~~Ghosts Of The Forest by Andy-Kim Moeller ~ grey wolves~~

There are some 30+ facilities in the USA trying to help secure the Mexican Grey Wolves future. There are an estimated 300 Mexican Wolves in captivity and only 50 in the wild. The Mexican Wolf was re-introduced in the wild in the 1990's with some 60 wolves. Some twenty years later there are only 50 trying to make a go of it. - © Scott Denny 2012


Grey Wolf.


black wolf

♂ Masculine Animals wildlife life photography Gray Wolf Jumping Over Fallen Tree On Snow by Klein Hubert