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  • John Scott

    The backside of Mount Rushmore (the view from the other side in Canada) lol - Pixdaus #MountRushmore Names of the 4 presidents carved on Mount Rushmore. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson

  • Becca Tar

    "Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side." Mhmm Yeah except mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota not North Dakota...

  • donna cardoza

    Mount Rushmore from the canadian side. I guess someone forgot North Dakota.

  • Princess Vandervort

    Funny Random Pic - The other side of Mount Rushmore W #humor #funny #funny commercial #funny commercial ads #funny ads|

  • Scarlett Crona

    50 Creative and Funny Print Ads Around the Globe on #funny commercial #interesting ads|

  • George Black Jr

    Funny Pictures of Mount Rushmore | Mt. Rushmore Backside Picture - Rushmore Picture Parody

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Tetris skills… lol I totally do this lol, u should see the way I struggle when my husband is at the store with me & he starts grabbing everything out of the cart & putting it on the conveyor belt in no kind of order. Yes I know I should probably be on medication lol