Loft, brick

Oddfellows cafe


Industrial loft kitchen

Cafe Ato by Design BONO, Seoul- STONE WALL Patio spaces

Drake General Store

Cafe Ato by Design BONO, Seoul

Berkelouw's Newtown Bookshop & Cafe.

Trade Cafe in London by Twist-in-Architecture, Exposed Copper Pipes, Brick Walls | Remodelista

chadhaus | loft bed with storage. Comes in light wood/ beech colour too. slim storge

Unterhaltung Lieblingsstücke - Mode, Design, Café - Lehmweg 34, Hamburg

Universal Cafe in San Francisco

cafe design


Sajilo Cafe, Japan. Cafe Interior Design.

Phil and Sebastian cafe interior design. Cafe interior design by Mckinley Burkart.


How about this: only half a chalk board wall(the menu being up high, so all customers can see it), having a long bar down the majority of the shop's length, a couple feet or so away from the wall, giving the servers enough space to serve the guests, and so the guests sitting at the bar don't have to crane their necks.

EVERYHING! Yay, I love seeing pieces I own--chrome table, mines brass; wood end tables, I make them. Love the framed maps and the lines of the White Scoop Chairs!