So true, so many people just can't let go and cleave unto their husbands. I love my husband:)

Very True!

I love my husband!!!

Keep Calm and Snuggle Your Husband


What I love most about my home canvas

husbands and wives

i love my husband

Any home can be a castle when the king and queen are in love.

... day by day ...

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Sleepover!!! So true!!! I love waking up next to my best friend every morning!! Some mornings are better than others but.... He is my rock!!

Even on the days my hubby is not exactly my favorite person in the world, this is still so true for me :)

True that!!

I love you love

It takes effort, but you're worth it.<3 sweety This is so true I want you in my life for ever xxx if you want to stay that is.

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