I'm not ashamed to admit that this managed to make me laugh out loud when I saw it :P

laugh laugh laugh

Never ever have I worked out that hard. But if that's the secret for a Batman booty call.....


To my fellow ladies that experienced the horror known as, Fayetteville, NC....I don't think this will surprise any of us.

can't stop laughing

Don't stop.

why does this kinda stuff crack me up so hard? lol

I just laughed so hard...

Laughing really hard right now...

This made me laugh so hard

hahaha I laughed a little too hard at this.

BAHAHAH this is so hilarious to me!

I laughed...hard.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed entirely way too much at this. But it is so funny lol

Oh my god... this is tooooo hilarious!

Laughing so hard right now