First home ornament. I think this is a must!

Make ornaments out of your first apartment and house keys.

We do REAL, we do mistakes, we do SORRY, we do second chances, we do FUN and HUGS and REALLY LOUD really well....

Put above the bed

Home decor. Picture from your wedding and when children were born. "Time should stand still". Love this idea !!: Decor Ideas, Wall Idea, Home Ideas, House Ideas, Cute Ideas, Photo Wall, Dream Home, Cool Ideas

Salt Dough Paw Print Ornaments DIY - Hello Nature

Map ornaments from vacations, put the dates on the this idea!

really different way to "paint" ornaments!

old fashioned Salt-Dough ornament recipe

Toddler scribble art--neat way to keep!

Cute idea

ribbon ornaments

"I Spy" Ornament--this would be cool for the kids to make

Altered Pringles Can ....neat idea for a Teacher gift filled with goodies.

#Ornaments over the table.

Saw off the end of the Christmas tree each year

epsom salt snow candles

Hot plate - recycled old frame + left over corks! Yes, neat idea