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    • Amy Grimmett

      It’s NASA’s 54th birthday today, so what better way to celebrate than with an infographic highlighting the Space Agency’s attempts at reaching the red planet in its half century of existence. The graphic, taken from Taschen’s most excellent Information Graphics shows that our obsession with Mars hasn’t waned in 50 years, but our success rate at reaching it has grown steadily.

    • Robin Gibson

      A Visual Diagram of Mars Missions - Lessons in Conveying Complex Ideas with Simple Graphics from the World's Best Information Designers | Brain Pickings

    • Ayora Berry

      Mission to Mars Infographic (Space, PBL)

    • irene westcott

      For a stunning example of data visualization, check out this "Missions to Mars" infographic

    • Zoe Blatter

      Infographic, Space, Science, Poster

    • dawn m. armfield

      From "Information Graphics" by Sandra Rendgen (via Brain Pickings) -- 'Mission(s) to Mars,' IEEE Spectrum, magazine article, 2009. Data Source: Cornell University; European Space Agency; NASA; Design: Bryan Christie, Joe Lertola. Art Direction: Mark Montgomery, Michael Solita

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