How many times!

Give it time.

Even after all this time

I am truly blessed, just have to remind myself that from time to time.......

Some times we all need a day like this.

Every time!

About timing...

No Part Time People

Every time. Lol!

Happens every time!

know this sucks because u want to say something yet you've been hurt so many times u just cant trust anyone anymore

All the time


I think its about time to do this.

no time whatsoever.

Months of off and on sleep. Endless long nights of worry and stress. Just want some answers but I know in God's time, It will all work out. In His time and His way but in the mean time, He will provide the strength that I need to get us through it ALL!!!!!

Cause otherwise you don't love them and I know that firsthand... U do t treat someone u love like shit

Take all the time you need

I just need some time...

It might be time to start walking..

Gift of time