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Drifted Stool by Beller.

There is some great design going on at Beller from the hands and mind of Lars Beller Fjetland.

from complex architectural or artistic objects to rock solid engineering parts, the BigRep ONE has been developed by german designers marcel...

amazing full-scale table produced exclusively using the BigRep ONE printer

Arise Stool | Million

Arise Stool is a minimal stool created by Copenhagen-based designers Million.

near tub

RH's Oak Backless Stool:The unsung hero of interior design, our stool serves as seating or an impromptu side table. Understated and strong, like its farmhouse forebears, it's built of oak and authentically aged.

The Hidden Chairs by Ibride

The Hidden Chairs by Ibride

The Hidden Chairs by Ibride look uneven but resemble a classic design when seen from a certain angle.


Vibrant Etched Furniture

designpark is a Tokyo-based design studio with a collection of playful furniture manufactured by De La Espada. While the firm stays busy in all areas