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Napoleon, an adoptable Boxer mix in Broomfield, CO!

Princess Di, an adoptable Boxer in Broomfield, CO!

Marie Antoinette, an adoptable Boxer Mix in Broomfield, CO!

He will always be my baby... here to find out more

#031 is an adoptable Dachshund Dog in Charleston, IL. ...

Oliver is an adoptable Greyhound Dog in Portland, OR.   Ello gov’ner! Oliver B. Longlegs here, at your service! Me being a Greyhound mix, I like to come about things the fast way, if you know what I m...

Don't shop. Adopt. There is just no excuse for shopping or breeding. Shelter animals need your help! Absolutely ... dogs - or any animal - are not playthings or accessories. They are living breathing entities with their own emotions. Shelter dogs are often smarter, healthier (no inbreeding problems if you choose a mutt) and they will love you unconditionally.

Is it a bird? A plane? No! It's SUPER EDDIE! is an adoptable Mastiff Dog in Cleveland, OH. Eddie, short for Edward, is a goofy Mastiff Mix who will occasionally listen to Bob Marley while riding in t...