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d voiceofnature:

Beauty in nature~

Shallow water features make great bird baths and even hummingbirds enjoy them. BlueSkyRain.com #sprinklers #irrigation #landscaping #gardening #flowers #Waterfeature

Looks like this blue beauty is ready for spring!

A big buck/stag/hart/deer rack… aka: antlers. #deer #wild #animal #nature #photo

Brazilian Tanager

Looks like she is dancing a jig. I did not realize horses ran with all four legs off the ground at some point. Beautiful horse. Other than Draft Horse, is there a better name for this breed? @Jess Pearl Liu Gillenwater Vandine omfg lollll

Red Fox


Charlie by Vermin Inc, via Flickr

Stunning Horse By Birna H. on Flicker - Dapple pattern, horse's gate, photography - just makes this a beautiful horse image.

Blue Jay


Feels good man

Ruby throat hummer

beautiful horse, lovely photograph

White Beauty, horse, hest, animal, cute, nuttet, beautiful, gorgeous, photograph, photo

Peacock flying

Red-Breasted Toucan

Baby hippo bath time!!